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Established in 2001, Green Energy News started as an informative guide for those who wanted to make the switch to renewable energy. Today, we represent the main source of education in this field, as well as a reliable provider offering access to a series of alternatives. Our professionals will ensure a quick and convenient switch without too much hassle.

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Samsung building in NYC

Switching from classic to renewable energy inside Samsung’s building in NYC was one of our top projects.


City Council house in Denver

The Denver City Council has decided to lead the change and switched to renewable energy.


New housing estate in Albany

An entire new housing estate has been designed with renewable energy in mind for future inhabitants.

The Power of Wind

It is time to see wind as more than just an annoying phenomenon.

The Power of Sun

Produce your own energy and cut your bills overnight.

Simple and Efficient Installation

There will be no hassle involved with the installation.

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