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Samsung building in NYC

Switching from classic to renewable energy inside Samsung’s building in NYC was one of our top projects.


City Council house in Denver

The Denver City Council has decided to lead the change and switched to renewable energy.


New housing estate in Albany

An entire new housing estate has been designed with renewable energy in mind for future inhabitants.


Local church in Auburn

We have installed solar panels close to a local church in Auburn for a switch to renewable energy.


Local high school in Cortland

A local high school from Cortland has switched to solar energy.


City Council building in Ithaca

The City Council from Ithaca leads through example by switching to renewable energy.


Shopping mall in Jamestown

Jamestown’s main shopping mall is now running on wind energy thanks to our company.


Kindergarten in Mount Vernon

A local kindergarten from Mount Vernon has switched to solar energy.


O2 Concert Hall in Rochester

The O2 Concert Hall from Rochester is entirely running on renewable energy these days.

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