Get To Know The Essentials Of E-Juices

Get To Know The Essentials Of E-Juices

E-juice or e-liquid is a liquid that is heated to produce vapor in a vaping device like e-cig or personal vaporizer. The mechanism inside every vaping device is almost similar with a few modifications here and there. The e-liquid also known as vape juice which comes in many variants and flavors and you can check them out on this shop,. The e-juice may or may not contain nicotine. So, you can buy one as per your preference.


An e-liquid is basically a combination of Vegetable glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycerin (PG), Distilled Water, Nicotine, Ethyl alcohol, Extract or Flavor and Distilled water. Every e-liquid varies in the VG-PG ratio as per the preferences of the vaper. The thing you need to know about them is that a high quantity of PG will give you a stronger throat hit than the VG. A high quantity of VG would produce more vapor and can change the vape flavor.

 If you are a beginner at vaping, you want that throat hit like in cigarettes, you can go for the nicotine based e-juice. But do try other flavors too, as it would help in quitting smoking and make your vaping experience more interesting.

Premium v/s economy e-juice

A premium quality e-juice would use high grade flavor and exotic extracts in them while an economic one would just use a food grade flavoring. They also differ on the basis of packaging. The economy e-juices are packed in plastic bottles and they don’t have a long shelf life. A premium quality e-liquid is packed in glass containers and can be used for a longer time. The nicotine is also a quality product and is used in quality e-juices. A premium one would use high quality nicotine, while an economic e-juice would go for slightly lower quality nicotine.

Steeping e-juice

Just like you would keep your wine to age for enhancing its flavor, the e-liquid is shaken and then left for steeping to homogenize the mixture. If your e-liquid is strong, you can take the cap of the bottle off and let your bottle breathe so that the liquid is matured. A weak/light e-liquid should be kept in a dark, cool place with the bottle cap intact for about a week. You can also go for a hot water procedure. In this, you can place the bottle in the hot water and then leave it there till the water comes back to room temperature.

Nicotine strength in e-juice

E-liquid nicotine level can vary between 3 mg/ml upto 24 mg/ml. If you are new to vaping and a non-smoker, you should go for a nicotine-free e-juice as you might not like the throat hit that nicotine gives. If you are a light smoker, with 10 cigarettes per day, 3 mg-6 mg level of nicotine would be perfect for you. For those with about 20 cigarettes per day, 7 mg-12 mg nicotine e-juice would work. For very heavy smokers, 13 mg-24 mg nicotine level would be recommended. You can reduce the nicotine strength with time to get rid of the addiction.

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